Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to pick up rentals for my event?

All packages that include a seating chart are available for delivery only. On the day of your event we deliver, set up, secure and touch up the rentals.

I do offer smaller packages that may allow for client pick up.

Do you use any stickers or vinyl?

Our custom wedding and event signs are all done by hand! We don't use stencils, stickers or vinyl - everything is completely handwritten with a paint pen by Natasha!

Are easels included with the rentals?

Yes! If you're renting a sign, it will come with an easel for it to be displayed on.

Can I choose what goes on the signs?

Yes! Our rental pieces are fully customizable. You choose exactly what you want it to say. We will not letter pieces with vulgar language or hate speech. 

Can I provide my own mirrors for you to write on?

Absolutely! We can use your own pieces for the signs. When you book, we will coordinate a time for your to drop off and pick up your pieces. 

If we love the pieces enough and you are willing to part with them, we may offer a discount on your rental if we can keep the mirror after your event to add to our collection.

Can I order signs if my event isn't in or near Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Reach out and see! We may be able to make something work.